A Good Broward Criminal Defense Attorney can help you get out of an accessory charge.

What does it actually mean to be an ‘accessory’ to a crime?

When most people think of criminal charges, they think of someone that actually committed the crime. However, you can have criminal charges levied against you just for being a part of a crime, maybe by contributing to or aiding in a criminal act. That is entirely possible in the realm of criminal law.

How can someone have criminal charges filed against them if they weren’t actually there when the crime took place? There are plenty of ways this can happen. Let’s look at some of them now.

  • By conceiving of the crime
  • By ordering someone to commit the crime
  • By paying someone to commit the crime
  • By causing a crime to happen
  • By providing advice to would-be criminals for how to commit a crime
  • By hiding a crime, before or after it happened

Anyone can have charges filed against them for being an ‘accessory’ to a criminal act if they either aided, abetted, contributed to, helped carry out, or gave advice to a would-be criminal to help them commit a crime.

A great way to illustrate being an accessory to a crime is a murder plot. Say that a married person pays a hit man to kill her husband. She wants to get his vast life insurance policy. She has met a new man, and the two of them want to run off to an island getaway somewhere with the money. So, she hires a hit man to kill her existing husband.

To make the hypothetical more interesting, say that someone arranges for the married woman to meet with a hit man. That person who set up the meeting can be charged with being an accessory to a crime. After all, he did facilitate it. Now they both need the services of a good Broward Criminal Defense Attorney.

What does it mean to be an accessory under Florida law?

According to Sec.777.03 (1)(a) of the Florida criminal law code, anyone who isn’t married to the offender or related to the person who committed the crime, who helped someone commit a crime, is called an accessory before the fact.

Or, if someone helps someone who they know who has committed a serious felony, they can be charged with an accessory if they fact if they help them avoid capture, trial, or escape.

What are the penalties for helping with a crime?

Usually, the sentences are lighter for being an accessory to a crime.

What if you were accused of being an accessory to a crime?

What does it mean to be an ‘accessory’ to a crimeAre you facing accessory charges in the state of Florida? Call a Broward criminal lawyer today. A good Broward Criminal Defense Attorney  can help you get out of an accessory charge, or seriously lessen the chance you will face a lengthy prison stint. A Broward criminal defense firm should be the first place you call if you’ve been charged with something like accessory to a crime.

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