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What to do When Your Child is Arrested for Drugs in Fort Lauderdale

If your child is arrested for an alcohol or drug-related offense, it can seriously harm his or her future. Some substances can land your child in a juvenile detention facility, while larger quantities of those substances can land them in an adult jail. If your child has been charged with an alcohol or drug-related […]

What is Jury Misconduct? Call a Broward Criminal Lawyer

What is jury misconduct? It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Or, maybe it sounds a little intriguing. Let’s explore it. It’s not as interesting as it sounds, though – especially if you’re the victim of it.

If you were convicted of a crime that you never committed, and if you think jury misconduct had something to […]

How to Fight Juvenile Shoplifting Charges – Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s a fact of life that many teens dabble in minor criminal activity. One thing they often do is shoplifting. It’s so tempting when you’re young and out with a friend group to just grab something off the shelf. Maybe it’s the thrill of taking something, maybe it’s because you can’t afford it because […]

Consequences for Driving on a Suspended License – Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney

If your license has been suspended in Florida, you really don’t want to get caught driving. You can face a number of criminal consequences, ranging from fines to prison time. Your license may have been suspended over a small issue at first but if you continue to drive on a suspended license you will […]

Business Opportunity Fraud – Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer

Business opportunity fraud happens all the time in the United States. We’ve all seen those get-rich-quick schemes advertised online, on TV late at night, and even on little signs taped to telephone poles. Get-rich-quick schemes aren’t always fraudulent, but many of them are. When they are, they fall under the heading of business opportunity […]