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Restoration of Civil Rights after a Conviction – Call a Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer

Several critical rights are stripped from a person once they have been convicted of a felony. In particular, Florida law states that the person is barred from voting, owning a gun, serving on a jury or holding public office until restoration of those rights. While these measures may seem fair to others, not all […]

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Explains Insurance Fraud in Broward

For those accused of insurance fraud, it’s vital to know what Florida State law has to say on the matter. On the surface, this crime may carry a less serious reputation than say, burglary or murder, but any Broward criminal lawyer knows that without the right defense, it could put the accused behind bars […]

Entrapment and Internet Crimes – Contact a Broward Criminal Attorney

Among legal experts, entrapment has come to be known as one of the most strongly contested legal issues of our times. While violent crimes have dropped off across the nation, internet-based crimes have seen a massive spike. Most common of all are scenarios where adults face arrest in police sting operations for engaging in […]

What is a Criminal Record and Who Has Access to It?

You’ve probably heard the term “criminal record” used numerous times in reference to the idea that someone is a proven criminal with a paper trail. But the assumption is inaccurate.

How is a Criminal Record Really Defined?
A criminal record (or criminal history) is the full collection documentation – electronic or written – which lists your […]

Learn About Probation Violations From a Criminal Attorney

Charges for a Violation of probation (VOP) are vastly different when compared to charges for a new crime. Your legal protection will be reduced in the following important ways:

No right to trial by jury in the violation hearing.
Hearsay is now considered in evidence against you.
You may be forced to testify against […]