Business Opportunity Fraud - Broward Criminal Defense AttorneyBusiness opportunity fraud happens all the time in the United States. We’ve all seen those get-rich-quick schemes advertised online, on TV late at night, and even on little signs taped to telephone poles. Get-rich-quick schemes aren’t always fraudulent, but many of them are. When they are, they fall under the heading of business opportunity fraud.

Making false claims of this nature can land you in legal trouble. Typically, business opportunity fraud entails marketing fake jobs or grants to unsuspecting prospects. Sadly, the government is sometimes too quick to prosecute business opportunity fraud. A lot of times, innocent people get caught up in a legal quagmire. They might have been advertising something perfectly legitimate, but the government went after them wrongly. When that happens, a competent, serious Broward criminal defense lawyer is needed. There is no question about it. Trying to take on the government alone won’t go well for most.

A Broward criminal defense attorney can walk you through the legal system, the difficult proceedings, the government scrutiny, and your day-to-day legal battle. Not just any criminal lawyer in Broward will do, though. If you just pick up the phonebook and dial the first criminal attorney in Broward that pops out at you, you’re not doing yourself a good service. You need a serious, qualified Broward criminal defense lawyer, and there is no other option.

What does Florida law say about business opportunity fraud?

Florida state law has some pretty tough penalties for business opportunity fraud. The state defines business opportunity fraud as any transaction where products, services, or tools are sold to aid the purchaser in starting a business. A transaction has to meet a lot of criteria for it to be considered business opportunity fraud.

What criteria do transactions have to meet to be considered business opportunity fraud?

  • The transaction was more than $500;
  • The seller said they would provide location information for places to put the machinery or tools, e.g., ATMs or vending machines, even if they doesn’t own or lease any location they mentioned;
  • The seller offered a sales program where the purchaser could make money without taking part in a licensing or trademark agreement;
  • The seller claims that the financial gains to be made are far in excess of the original purchase price

If you’re convicted of business opportunity fraud in Florida, you could face stiff penalties.

  • You could deal with heavy fines;
  • Forced to pay attorney’s fees, damages, restitution, and more for the victim

What does U.S. regulation say about business opportunity fraud?

The FTC is in charge of the regulations meant to prevent business opportunity fraud. The FTC has a list of approved ways to advertise for money-making jobs and ventures. Anyone who advertises a money-making venture has to make a number of disclosures.

  • They must say who they are;
  • They must admit they are making earnings claims;
  • They have to outline their cancellation and refund policy;
  • They have to produce a list of people who bought the opportunity in the last three years;
  • They have to let people know if the company or its employees or affiliates were involved in any legal trouble regarding it

Broward Criminal Defense Attorney - Business Opportunity FraudGetting legal help

Due to how difficult and complex it can be to understand this crime, law enforcement can make mistakes in pursuing people who they think has committed it. If you feel you’ve been wrongly accused of business opportunity fraud, reach out to a lawyer in your area to help you fight the tough battle ahead. Business opportunity fraud can ruin a reputation, career, and business. Don’t try to face the charges without a talented Broward criminal defense lawyer by your side.

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