How Can I Get a Bond Hearing - Fort Lauderdale Criminal LawyersIf you’re separated from friends or loved ones because of an inability to bond them out, a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer on our team can assist you by successfully obtaining a bond hearing. To help you understand what this process entails, we’ve provided a simple breakdown of the process:

How Bonds Work

Unless you’re charged with a capital crime (one which carries a life imprisonment or death penalty) or you are facing a probation violation, you have the right to a bond hearing. You may have heard the term “bail” before. This is just another term for the bond process.

If you are not charged with a serious crime, and it is determined by the court that your court attendance will be reliable (sometimes because a responsible community member is willing to ensure this), the judge is allowed the option of release without bail. This is known as release on your own recognizance (ROR).

It needs to be noted that (unless there are significant changes in the circumstances of your case) you will not be granted more than one bond hearing.  It is therefore imperative that we demonstrate a strong argument for your compliance to appear in court on the scheduled dates decided during that bond hearing.

How Your Bond Hearing is Scheduled

During your bond hearing, the judge will decide:

  • If the bond should be reduced, or
  • If release conditions should be changed

The scheduling of a bond hearing is no easy task. Firstly, the “Motion to Set Bond” needs to be prepared so that it can be filed with the Clerk of the Court.

Secondly, the bond motion needs to be scheduled before the appropriate judge. Determining the right judge can be challenging, mainly depending on whether your charges have been properly filed. Selecting the right judge also depends on whether the cases is a felony, a misdemeanor or a violation of probation charge.

Finally, when the correct judge is identified, a hearing time needs to be determined.

Contacting a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with a crime in the Broward area, please contact our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers. We realize how frustrating the bond process can be. Allow us to take care of various challenges involved.  With many years of collective experience on our team, we represent the best hope of achieving a reasonable bond result.

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