Tips for DUI Checkpoints from a Broward Criminal Lawyer

As you’re driving down the road, headed home after a night out with friends, you reminisce about the amazing evening you’ve had. Your smile and good mood quickly vanishes when you see a roadblock created by police officers in the distance. It’s a DUI checkpoint and you can’t help but feel nervous, anxious and […]

DUI with Property Damage Explained by a Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer

Florida law defines DUI with property damage as being in physical control of a vehicle while:

Under the influence of alcohol or any chemical substance, controlled or otherwise, to the extent that driving ability is impaired.
Having a blood-alcohol or breath alcohol level of 0.08 or greater

And causing direct or indirect harm to another […]

Posting Bail After a Broward DUI Arrest

Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer
The law is not just a tool for authorities to use against you. It is not there to control or suppress the population either. Rather, the law is a tool for everyone to use and should primarily exist in order to protect and defend any country’s citizens. Just as a police […]