Charged With Being an Accessory to a Crime Broward Criminal LawyerHave you been charged with accessory to a crime? Let an experienced Broward criminal lawyer help!

Being charged with any crime is a highly stressful situation and can leave you uncertain about your future. What’s worse is when you don’t fully understand what you’re being charged with or how you should go about defending your case.

What Does It Mean to be an Accessory to a Crime?

Essentially, this means that you are being accused of somehow aiding or contributing to a crime that was carried out, usually by someone else. You may not have actually committed the crime yourself but perhaps you hired someone to do it, helped to conceal the crime (this includes withholding evidence) or provided the means through which the crime could be carried out.

An example is when someone else committed a theft but you drove the “getaway” car, or you helped them well after the crime was committed. In those scenarios, you may not be charged with the crime itself, but rather as an accessory to the crime.

The Law Regarding Accessories to Crimes

There are different kinds of accessory to crime. If you help someone to commit the crime before it happens, then that would be ‘accessory before the fact’ (only if you are not the spouse or in any way related to the accomplice). On the flip side, if you help someone after the crime, that is considered accessory after the fact.

Your Options

If you have been accused of being an accessory, then you can face severe penalties and should seek representation from an experienced Broward criminal defense attorney.

Broward Criminal Lawyer Charged With Being an Accessory to a CrimeUsually, accessories are considered lesser offenses as compared with the crimes themselves. For instance, if you were an accessory to a first-degree felony offense, then that would likely be considered a second-degree felony. If you were accessory to a third degree felony, then your part could be considered a misdemeanor of the first degree.

To protect yourself and your family, you should seek an experienced Broward criminal lawyer. They will be able to put together a defense that works under your circumstances. Perhaps you were not fully aware of the criminal’s intent, or perhaps you were given no viable option. By using a full understanding of the law, a criminal attorney can help build a defense that will ensure the best possible outcome.

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