What to do When Your Child is Arrested for Drugs in Fort LauderdaleIf your child is arrested for an alcohol or drug-related offense, it can seriously harm his or her future. Some substances can land your child in a juvenile detention facility, while larger quantities of those substances can land them in an adult jail. If your child has been charged with an alcohol or drug-related crime, it’s imperative you get in touch with a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney today. You don’t want one mistake to ruin your child’s future. Our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys with experience in this area are infinitely better than trying to face the juvenile justice system alone. Don’t think that just because it’s the juvenile system, it’s not something you need to worry about. Your best bet is to call a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense firm with experience in juvenile crimes.

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys with a history of handling these kinds of cases is going to be better at addressing and resolving them than one without that background. Choose a criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who has some real experience in this area.

There are lots of things you can do when your child is arrested for drug possession.

First of all, do the following:

Try to stay calm: It doesn’t do anyone any good to panic. You might feel like you’re losing your temper or want to find out how your child got drugs in the first place. Try to remain calm, and try not to yell or panic. There are probably deeper issues that need to be looked at and resolved. It’s important to get a handle on the situation in a calm, resolute, and steady manner.

Get in touch with an attorney: An attorney is going to be the person who can help you most during a time like this. Call one who practices in juvenile law, and especially in criminal defense. A talented juvenile defense attorney will be able to get a good deal for your child. They will be able to show the judge that your child just made a mistake and needs rehabilitation. A heavy fine and prison time is what an adult might receive for drug possession. The juvenile justice system is much more lenient.

Be proactive in finding treatment solutions: The court system will look well on a parent who takes an active role in a child’s life and is working hard to get them rehabilitated. If you can show you’ve taken steps in your child’s life to get them on the straight and narrow, it will work in your favor. Don’t stand idly by when your child is arrested drug possession. Instead, take an active role in getting him or her treatment outside of the juvenile justice system.

You shouldn’t do any of the following:

What to do When Your Child is Arrested for DrugsLet the police search your property without a warrant: If police officers want to search your home or car, don’t give them permission unless they have a search warrant. If the police find any evidence, they can use it against your child in court.

Tell your child to “snitch”: Oftentimes, the police will hold up the possibility of a lighter sentence if your child snitches on someone else. They will use this to get a confession. Once they’ve gotten a confession, they will renege on the deal.

Contact a juvenile justice attorney today

If your child has been charged with drug possession, it is in your best interest to immediately get in contact with a juvenile justice attorney.

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