Common Federal Crimes – Contact a Broward Criminal LawyerMany people do not understand the difference between a state crime and a federal crime. The simple explanation is that a state crime is a crime that violates state laws while a federal crime is an offense the violates certain federal statutes. Federal crimes are investigated and then prosecuted by the federal government as opposed to being investigated and prosecuted by the state.

There are certain crimes that are both state and federal crimes, such as crimes involving drugs. It is important to know the difference between a state crime and a federal crime as most of the time a federal crime will come with a much harsher penalty. If you have been charged with a state or a federal crime it is important to contact an experienced Broward criminal lawyer for help.

Common Federal Crimes

Drug crimes are the most common type of federal case. A drug crime can be considered as both a federal and a state crime. Drug crimes go through the federal court system when any type of federal agency has been involved in the drug investigation. This may include drug trafficking from state to state or from another country into the United States.

Federal agencies that may investigate drug crimes include the FBI, the DEA, the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency, as well as others. Most often a federal drug crime will involve a drug trafficking charge. A small amount of these crimes are simple possession charges. These are reserved for state drug crimes as most state drug crimes are possession charges and very few involved drug trafficking. The reason for this is because the federal government is more focused on drugs being brought into the country or traveling through the country on a larger scale.

Another common federal crime is immigration offenses. This is the second most common type of federal crime committed. These type of offenses include people that have overstayed their visa, have entered the country illegally, and immigrant smuggling. Most of these offenses are committed by non-citizens.

Fraud is another common federal offense. It is the third most common federal offense and  refers to several types of wrongdoing such as tax fraud, identity theft, or check fraud.

The fourth most common type of federal crime committed is a weapons and firearms charge. These crimes often involve people possessing a firearm or other weapon who are not legally allowed to carry. Many weapons and firearms cases involve other crimes as well.

What to do if You are Charged with a Federal Crime

Contact a Broward Criminal Lawyer - Common Federal CrimesIf you are charged with a federal crime it is important to contact a Broward criminal lawyer right away. A criminal defense attorney Fort Lauderdale understands federal and state laws and will ensure that you are treated fairly throughout your trial. Federal crimes come with extremely high penalties, which is why it is important to make sure that you have a Ft. Lauderdale criminal attorney on your side.

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