Defenses to Robbery

For as long as we can remember, the act of robbery has been a major theme in law enforcement, entertainment, and the criminal justice system. The act of robbery has been portrayed for ages in Hollywood movies and hardly needs any explanation. However, for the scope and purpose of the law, robbery is the act of taking money or property from the rightful owner with the intent to deprive them of its use. Robbery involves the use of force through violent acts which are performed in order to intimidate or threaten the rightful owner. An allegation of robbery is a serious matter that can affect your employment, education, and chances for further advancement. Get in touch with a criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale today to learn how you can fight wrongful robbery charges and protect your livelihood and reputation.

Robbery and Its Types:
The State of Florida describes robbery as an intentional act involving force, violence, assault, or intimidation in order to deprive a person of their property or money. Robbery differs from other types of theft related offenses due to the factor of fear, threats, and intimidation. The act of robbery includes:

  1. Sudden Snatching:
    The state of Florida considers an act of sudden snatching with intent to deprive a person from their money or property as robbery. For robbery by sudden snatching to be established, the offender must have used excessive force to snatch property or money, injured the victim, or overcome any resistance offered by the victim.

    2. Home Invasion:
    Depriving someone of their belongings by going in to their homes or property constitutes a home invasion. It is charged as a first degree felony.

    Robbery is a serious charge that can carry a hefty prison sentence. The length of the sentence depends on factors such as the use of a weapon and may be classified into two broad categories:

    1. Use of a Firearm During a Robbery:
    If a person carries a firearm or other deadly weapon during the commission of a robbery, it constitutes a first degree felony which may be punishable by a life sentence in prison.

  2. Robbery Without a Firearm or Other Deadly Weapon:
    If a person commits an act of robbery without a firearm or other deadly weapon, he or she may face the charge of a second degree felony. In this case, the punishment may be up to 15 years in prison.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Robbery Attorney:
If you or someone you know is facing a robbery charge, it is a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale. An experienced attorney will have the time and resources to go over every detail of your case, collaborate witness testimonies, and closely examine the evidence. He or she will also ensure that your rights are not violated during any stage of the process. Simply put, hiring a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer may help tilt the scales in your favor and achieve a favorable outcome.

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