Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer

DUI arrests in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County as a whole are common with several individuals arrested daily under some form of the DUI laws. Our office is staffed by former DUI prosecutors who fight DUIs in Broward County on a daily basis.  The criminal defense lawyers at Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. have scored victories in Broward DUI cases that other attorneys wrote off as impossible.

For most clients, a DUI arrest is their first and last encounter with the criminal justice system.  Don’t make the mistake of blowing off the seriousness of even a first DUI arrest.  Most DUIs are charged as misdemeanors by the Broward State Attorney’s Office but they are prosecuted as if they are felonies.  Advocacy groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving have placed enormous pressure on prosecuting offices over the last few decades and this means enhanced penalties for those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Because this is likely your first arrest, you don’t just need a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney, you need peace of mind.  We frequently hear from our DUI clients that their arrest and booking through the jail was the worst experience of their lives.  Our office prides itself on a customer service approach above and beyond what is offered by competing law firms.  The attorneys and staff at Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. answer their phones, respond promptly to emails, and meet with clients on short notice.  We don’t just provide legal representation; we help you get back the confidence you need to go on with your life after a traumatizing DUI arrest.

Common Broward DUI Charges, include:

  • 1st time DUI
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th, DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • DUI with Property Damage
  • DUI with Personal Injury
  • DUI under the Influence of Drugs
  • DUI with Seriously Bodily Injury
  • DUI Manslaughter
  • BUI or Boating Under the Influence

Looking at a Fort Lauderdale DUI Arrest

DUI defense requires a completely different skillset compared to defending other criminal charges.  Defending DUIs requires all the normal skills of a criminal defense attorney plus the additional understanding of the science behind roadside exercises, breath test machines, and pre-existing medical conditions which effect performance on the above listed exercises and machines.  Our DUI attorneys were trained when they were prosecutors by the agencies that actually conduct DUI investigations.  This experience is invaluable and we put this knowledge to use to get you the very best possible result on your DUI case.  Some of the important questions our DUI attorneys will look into include:

  1. Why did law enforcement come into contact with the driver? Was it a legal stop?
  2. Was anyone else in the car?
  3. How exactly did the officer describe the driving pattern before the stop?
  4. What did the officer notice about the defendant’s appearance before asking for roadside exercises?
  5. What exactly did the officer notice on the roadside exercises?
  6. How well does that individual officer understand the science behind roadside exercises?
  7. What time were you arrested and what time did you provide a breath sample?
  8. When was the last time the breath machine was serviced and calibrated?
  9. Did the officer read you Miranda rights?
  10. What pre-existing health conditions do you suffer from?

DUI Penalties

If found guilty of a DUI, and depending on the type of DUI, penalties can range from probation to lengthy prison sentences (usually reserved only for instances of multiple DUIs, serious bodily injury or death).  In accordance with Florida law, if convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol without injury or property damage, individuals are facing:

  • First Conviction: Not more than 6 months. With BAL (Blood Alcohol Level) of .15 or higher or minor in the vehicle: Not more than 9 months.
  • Second Conviction: Not more than 9 months. With BAL of .15 or higher or minor in the vehicle: Not more than 12 months. If second conviction within 5 years, mandatory imprisonment of at least 10 days. At least 48 hours of confinement must be consecutive.
  • Third Conviction: If third conviction within 10 years, mandatory imprisonment of at least 30 days. At least 48 hours of confinement must be consecutive. If third conviction more than 10 years, imprisonment for not more than 12 months.
  • Fourth or Subsequent Conviction: Not more than 5 years or as provided in s.775.084, Florida Statutes, as habitual/violent offender.

Penalties for DUI do not just include jail and/or probation.  Courts try to reduce the odds of a future DUI so they typically require educational courses and other criteria; such as driver’s license suspensions, monetary fines, community service, substance abuse courses, psychosocial evaluations, treatment, vehicle installed breathalyzers, and impoundment of your vehicle.

Broward DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County call the office of Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. now to set up your free consultation, (954) 256-1464.  We promise absolute confidentiality in your private consultation with our former DUI prosecutors.  The DUI defense lawyers at Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. are ready to discuss your options regarding fighting this DUI arrest and are ready to help.