Entrapment and Internet Crimes – Contact a Broward Criminal AttorneyAmong legal experts, entrapment has come to be known as one of the most strongly contested legal issues of our times. While violent crimes have dropped off across the nation, internet-based crimes have seen a massive spike. Most common of all are scenarios where adults face arrest in police sting operations for engaging in sexual conversations with minors, or proposing to exchange explicit images of children. If convicted of these crimes, the accused adult may be labeled as a sexual offender for the remainder of their lifetime. For them, this highlights the importance of contacting a competent Fort Lauderdale internet crimes defense attorney.

Police-Monitored Chat Rooms

Police monitoring of chat room sites and public forums used for meeting individuals with common interests, has been in existence for many years already. On certain occasions, these operations target individuals in pursuit of sexually explicit discussions or images, with the use of their IP address. On others, chat-room conversations lead to the adult individual traveling for the purpose of meeting an alleged minor. Here, a “trap house” is used to lure and arrest the individual on felony charges.

Taking on a Decoy Identity

It is not uncommon for a middle-aged police officer, for instance, to take on the identity of a female of 20 years old looking for a sexual encounter, who then “turns out” in the course of conversation, to be a 16 year old. When one looks at this situation, it emerges that a lie has been encapsulated within a lie. The way these sting operations are conducted often means that they may become strong candidates for entrapment defenses. However, in those situations, it’s still absolutely vital that the defendant hires the most knowledgeable Broward criminal attorney.

Entrapment Defenses in Florida

Contact a Broward Criminal Attorney - Entrapment and Internet CrimesA proficient Broward internet crimes lawyer will assess whether the defendant would have committed the crime without inducement or encouragement to do so. This illustrates the meaning of the term “entrapment,” as per Chapter 777, Section 201 of the Florida Statutes. The entrapment defense takes on many forms, including contradictory communication, outright threats, willful confusion or promises of legality. The line between criminal investigation and entrapment is extremely fine, and this defense may be even more effective in the hands of a knowledgeable Broward criminal attorney. So if you believe the police have been involved in bringing about an entrapment scenario, contact our Broward criminal defense firm today.

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