With arrests for federal crimes on the rise, law enforcement has increased their resources dedicated to investigating and prosecuting federal crimes.  To strengthen the efforts of law enforcement, laws related to the punishment of federal crimes have been made tougher to place more federal defendants behind bars.

Unfortunately, we often see first-hand in our office many innocent people and business owners who are facing federal criminal allegations due to (1) someone else’s criminal conduct; or (2) they had no idea their conduct was illegal and could give rise to criminal charges. The number of such wrongful prosecutions is shocking and their toll on the lives of those accused is hard to describe.

If you are suspected of committing a federal crime and you are looking for help, then do not worry because our federal criminal defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are here to help you.  Call us for a free consultation about the charges you are facing and your options to fight those charges, (954) 256-1464.

Representation for Complex Cases

If you are worried that your prior conduct may give rise to federal charges, or if you have wrongly been accused of committing a federal crime, there is a wide range of crimes you could potentially be charged with; ranging from low level crimes to major felonies. However, regardless of the offense, all federal crimes should be taken seriously and warrant being defended by a capable federal criminal lawyer.

If you are facing federal charges it is important you keep in mind the federal government will be against you with their full force and weight.  Federal law enforcement agencies are more sophisticated than their state counterparts.  Federal cases are frequently investigated by agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and ATF.

We have succeeded in cases where other law firms thought the outlook was hopeless.  Our attorneys have many years of experience litigating complex criminal cases and the Fort Lauderdale federal criminal lawyers at Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. are here to help in your hour of need.  We are ready and willing to fight any of the federal criminal charges you are facing. A federal criminal lawyer from our office will assist you through the:

  • The Initial Investigation
  • The Arraignment Process
  • The Trail Period
  • Appeal (if it is required)

Types of Federal Crimes

As the State of Florida has a unique criminal code, in the same way, the federal government has their own. A person who by any means violates the criminal code of the federal government has committed a federal crime. In many cases, a defendant can violate both the state and federal law at the same time.

The procedure of the federal courts is unique to federal court and can be intimidating for those charged with a federal crime. A knowledge of state criminal law doesn’t always apply to federal practice. An experienced federal defense attorney can help you better understand the procedure and federal charges. Federal prosecutors commonly investigate and file charges in the following areas:

Drug Crimes:

In most cases, low level drug crimes are prosecuted in state courts. The federal government will file charges for drug crimes for those suspected of trafficking or manufacturing controlled substances. Crossing state lines with large quantities of drugs is another instance where the federal government will likely file charges.

Sex Crimes:

Sex crimes, especially those involving minors and/or the internet, can also fall under the broad federal jurisdiction. If a person while committing a sex crime crosses state lines or there is some usage of instrumentalities of interstate commerce, then federal courts are likely to take action against such individuals.

White-Collar Crimes:

The types of crimes classified as white-collar crimes fall under the federal court’s jurisdiction and in most cases involve companies alleged to have engaged in fraud or tax evasion.  Publicly traded companies and their officers are common targets for white collar investigations.

Immigration Crimes:

Immigration is regulated by the federal government so immigration crimes are prosecuted by the federal courts.  Common immigration crimes are: illegal re-entry, human trafficking, and marriage fraud.


There are many types of fraud that utilize the lines of interstate commerce or involve federal funds and this attracts the attention of the federal government. The types of fraud commonly prosecuted by federal prosecutors are:

  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Government fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Security fraud
  • Insurance related fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Medicare fraud

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Defending Clients Against Federal Charges

As is expected by most clients, crimes in federal court typically have greater penalties than their state court equivalents. When the federal government pursues a case against a person, it is oftentimes and understandably the most difficult period of that person’s life. We understand clients walking into our office are concerned about lengthy prison sentences and the impact it will have on their life and the lives of their family members.

We emphasize a client experience approach to defending federal crimes.  It’s not only the result on your case that matters, it’s how you felt throughout the process.  Our attorneys answer their phones, promptly return emails, and an in-person conference to update you on your case is always available.

Federal Crime Penalties

Depending on the particular crime and criminal history of the accused, the judges in the federal court system have the authority to tailor the punishment according to the severity of the crime. There are four different zones of sentencing in the federal court system which are listed below:

1.      Zone A:

The people who fall under the zone A are mostly given the probation and they will not have to serve any time in the prison.

2.      Zone B:

Such people have to serve a small amount of time in prison. However, after this short period of time they qualify to serve the rest of their time through home detention or a halfway house.

3.      Zone C:

People falling under zone C must serve half of their sentence in prison. Afterwards they have the ability to serve the remainder of their sentence though home detention or a halfway house.

4.      Zone D:

These individuals have to spend their entire sentence in prison but still benefit from early release for good behavior (gain time).

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Here to Help

The federal criminal justice process is different from that of any other state and can be confusing to those accused of committing a federal crime. Federal prosecutors get the funds they need to conduct serious and thorough investigations. The federal courts have their own unique rules and the proceedings are held in giant courtrooms which can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with federal courts. The judges who conduct federal criminal trials are the pre-eminent jurists and are specially appointed by the President and the Senate confirms their authority.

Don’t settle for an attorney who has only practiced in state courts is likely unaware of the rules and regulations followed in federal court. Our federal criminal defense lawyers have spent years practicing and learning the laws and procedure unique to federal criminal charges.

The Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers of Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. are here to help you regain control of your life. To deal with federal law enforcement and defend criminal cases in federal court requires special experience and a commitment to those accused of federal crimes.

Our federal criminal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will provide you with the following services:

  • We will not let you compromise your case before charges are filed.
  • We will attempt to resolve your matter as quickly as possible without compromising results.
  • We will make sure that all investigations are done
  • We will provide you with the professional guideline necessary to determine whether you wish to cooperate with law enforcement.
  • We will defend your innocence or if you choose, work for the best possible plea resolution to your case.

When your freedom or the reputation of your business is at stake, we ensure you that you can trust your defense in our hands. You can call the federal criminal defense attorneys at Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. at any time to schedule your free consultation, (954) 256-1464.

Don’t live in fear with federal charges hanging over your head without consulting with our criminal defense attorneys.  There may be options you are unaware of to resolve your case.  At a minimum, come in for a consultation to better understand the allegations against you and any potential consequences.