How to Fight Juvenile Shoplifting Charges - Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense AttorneyIt’s a fact of life that many teens dabble in minor criminal activity. One thing they often do is shoplifting. It’s so tempting when you’re young and out with a friend group to just grab something off the shelf. Maybe it’s the thrill of taking something, maybe it’s because you can’t afford it because you’re not yet an adult with a real job, or maybe it’s just to show off. Whatever the case, many young people engage in shoplifting.

Florida Statute, Chapter 812, covers juvenile shoplifting. It is considered an offense for which the offender can face detention time. Juvenile charges are slightly different from criminal charges, though. If they did the same thing as an adult, they would face criminal charges. If they get sentenced as a minor, they’ll go to juvenile detention. It’s different in that they’ll be labeled a juvenile delinquent as opposed to a criminal.

Once the judge has determined that a law has been broken and a minor is labeled as delinquent, the punishment phase will begin. It starts with the sentence. It will be in accordance with the crime’s severity. If the minor is a first-time offender or has committed a relatively minor crime, he or she may just have to deal with restitution and probation. However, if the minor is a repeat offender or has committed a particularly serious crime, he or she may have to go to a juvenile detention facility to serve out a juvenile jail sentence.

If your child is facing charges, call a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney. The last thing you want is for your child to spend time in detention when he should be in school. Don’t face the juvenile justice system alone. Call a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer who knows what they’re doing. Get in touch with someone who knows the system. A great Fort Lauderdale criminal defense firm is your best bet. Any experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney is going to be better than facing it alone, but do yourself a favor and call an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney.

What are the penalties for juvenile shoplifting in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney-How to Fight Juvenile Shoplifting Charges (1)Since the law doesn’t consider children to be fully cognizant of their actions, they aren’t charged as an adult would be for a crime. That means that they often face far less stringent punishments for criminal activity. If they’re caught shoplifting, they could face some of the following repercussions:

Released back to legal guardians: If a child is a first-time offender they might just be released back to their parents or guardians. The juvenile court judge might decide to lecture the young person, or give them a warning. That doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

Restitution: A lot of juvenile court judges will have the child pay restitution to the property owner or whomever they stole from.

Diversion: A diversion program could be anything from an education program, doing community service, or keeping up a certain GPA in school.

Juvenile counseling: Juvenile counseling is another thing that a lot of judges like.

Confinement: Confinement is not typically the first choice for a judge. But, if the child is a repeat offender, or if they stole something with a high dollar amount, they could face some jail time.

If your child has been caught shoplifting, get in touch with a juvenile justice attorney. He or she can guide you through the legal system and provide the necessary support. Don’t worry if your child is caught shoplifting – just call an attorney.

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