Florida Senate is Moving to Add More Medical Marijuana Licenses - Call a Criminal Lawyer In Fort LauderdaleFlorida voters passed a constitutional amendment in November that legalized medical marijuana for people suffering from many different medical conditions. In 2014 and 2016, lawmakers enacted laws that legalized medical marijuana for certain, select patients, such as the terminally ill. Under the old system, there were seven dispensaries with licenses to grow medical marijuana for the terminally ill. However, there are now more people and more conditions covered, so there is a need for even more dispensaries. Conditions like cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder are now covered. A number of new conditions will be added in the near future. This will necessitate new dispensaries, because the existing dispensaries won’t be able to meet the demand for new patients under the new, more expanded law.

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The Health Policy Committee rubberstamped a number of amendments on Monday, like one that would add nearly half a dozen businesses that would be eligible for licenses by October 3rd. It also allows for additional licenses in the future based on the influx of new patients. This new proposal to add more dispensaries is more in keeping with the intent and spirit of the law. There are just more patients with medical conditions now that need medical marijuana, and the existing marijuana dispensaries won’t be able to keep up. However, there is some concern that the existing dispensaries will suffer because of the entry of new businesses into the marketplace. Some lawmakers are concerned because these businesses have already invested so much money into the market.

There was some debate in the senate about whether or not the existing businesses would suffer because they invested so much money under the existing requirements. Some senators were more focused on the seven that they’d already licensed. Others wanted to help small businesses move forward and expand the number of dispensaries for the increasing numbers of patients. There were different bills in the House and Senate, and each had different numbers of licenses for the purveyors.

The new medical marijuana laws may apply to you. Call a Criminal Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale.One lobbyist, David Custin, said that the existing license holders would do just fine, and that his clients were the “have-nots” who did not yet have licenses. He said that dispensing more licenses (pun intended) was moving in the right direction.

One proposal would force the Department of Health to grant an additional five licenses once the number of patients reached 200,000, with an additional three licenses for every additional 100,000 people registered officially in a state database. It is likely the current dispensaries won’t be able to keep up. Some new dispensaries will certainly be approved to meet the growing demand of patients in the medical marijuana market.

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