Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Helps To Understand Auto Dealer FraudAuto dealer fraud is when a car salesman uses deception, manipulation, unlawful practices or fraud to sell a car to an unsuspecting customer. Auto dealer fraud can occur at any stage of the buying process, from the writing on an advertisement to the verbal negotiation with the buyer. Even though auto dealer fraud is a serious crime and should be punished, it’s somewhat common for a consumer to falsely accuse a car salesman of fraud. This can cause serious damage to an auto dealer’s reputation. If you’ve been accused of auto dealer fraud, it’s imperative you call a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney right away.

There are several different kinds of auto dealer fraud, and we’ll run through a short list here. If you’ve been accused of auto dealer fraud, call our office and speak with a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney immediately. Here are some of the most common kinds of auto dealer fraud:

  • Not letting someone know about the damage from a past accident
  • Falsely claiming that an individual will own a car after making all the lease payments
  • Falsely claiming a used car is a new one
  • Making the purchase price higher than the sticker price by hiding options that weren’t asked for by the buyer
  • Understating the mileage on a car
  • Saying that a car has certain options or features that it really doesn’t have
  • Not stating the correct value of a consumer’s car upon trade-in
  • Not disclosing certain information about a car

How to prevent the accusations of fraud

Car salesman and dealers can avoid the appearance of auto dealer fraud by taking several concrete measures, including the following:

  • Making sure the buyer takes a test drive
  • Not selling a car with the use of aggressive sales tactics
  • Making certain the prospect does a full visual inspection of the car
  • Requesting that a buyer have a mechanic look over the car
  • Offering a repair history if you’re selling used

Dealers should also follow the used car rule that the FTC came up with. This rule says that dealers should provide certain facts to consumers. Dealers have to post a note in the window of all used cars with some very specific information on it, including the following:

  • The dealer’s name and contact information
  • A brief overview of the warranty terms
  • A overview of what the dealer disclaims as far as any implied warranties
  • A statement detailing out any service contracts that may exist

Auto Dealer Fraud - Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Helps To Understand ItCar dealers that do this stuff can reduce the likelihood that they’ll have a fraud lawsuit against them. However, if charges are filed, it’s imperative that they get in touch with a Broward criminal attorney who can help. A Broward criminal defense firm is a good first call if you’re unsure about what to do when you’ve had a fraud charge filed against you. Don’t leave it to chance. If you’ve had charges filed against you, reach for the phone and call a lawyer right away. It’s a really smart idea.

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