Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Breaking Down White Collar CrimesChances are that you have heard the term white collar crime before. However, you may not know exactly what types of crimes this term refers to. Essentially, white collar crime refers to a number of different crimes such as money laundering, investment fraud, and corporate fraud.

Definition of White Collar Crimes

Money laundering is where a person obtains money illegally, but makes it look like it came from a legitimate source.

Corporate fraud is fraudulently claiming that the financial situation of a specific corporation is actually different from what it really is.

Investment fraud includes pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, as well as other false claims of different returns on an investment.

Typically, a white collar crime will not involve any type of violence and will take place in the workplace of a white collar industry such as finance, banking, accounting, or other professions such as these. A white collar crime involves deceit and concealment to make money or to gain access to assets illegally.

While white collar crimes typically involve finances and paperwork instead of violence and weapons, the financial devastation and the penalties for performing these types of crimes are quite real. For this reason it is important to contact a Ft Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.

Prosecution of White Collar Crimes

Those who are accused of white collar crimes may be prosecuted at either a state or a federal level or at times both. The FBI is often involved in investigating white collar crimes. The FBI works alongside other federal agencies such as the IRS, the United States Postal Service, and the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to carry out an investigation.

White Collar Crime Penalties

Some white collar crimes can involve time in jail for the perpetrator. Frequently, the penalties for these crimes involve money in the form of restitution for the victims and other penalties. There are several different types of financial penalties that a person who is accused of a white collar crime may face. These include:

  • Criminal fines: these are set by a statute. There could be a minimum and maximum fine for the payment. The maximum penalty is often very high.
  • Forfeiture: this penalty involves the person accused of the white collar crime giving the money or property back to the person that they took it from.
  • Restitution: this is money that is paid back to the victim in order to help them recoup any losses they incurred from the crime.

How a Broward Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Breaking Down White Collar Crimes Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense AttorneyThere are serious penalties that can come with white collar crimes. If you are charged with any type of white collar crime it is important to contact a Broward criminal defense attorney for help. A Ft Lauderdale criminal defense attorney will be able to discuss your case with you and determine the best course of action for your particular case.

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