House Arrest

One of the worst situations you can face is being accused of a crime. Going through the criminal justice system is a long, drawn out process that has its fair share of complications. Surviving the journey to freedom requires the expert services of a Broward criminal lawyer who has the skills and experience required to navigate through the judicial system. While people have successfully represented themselves before, the truth is that a favorable outcome is not likely unless you hire a professional Broward criminal defense attorney. These attorneys have a wealth of experience and access to resources that may help tilt the balance in your favor. An experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney may also be able to get your sentence reduced to house arrest.

What is House Arrest?
House arrest is exactly what it sounds like. It is being confined to your residence instead of being sent to prison or a juvenile detention home. Depending on the nature of the crime committed, house arrest may also be combined with community service. The biggest advantage of house arrest is that offenders accused of less serious offenses may be allowed to go to work, school, or other approved activities.

How Does House Arrest Work?
House arrest requires a person to remain within the confines of their residence. The location of the person is monitored through an electronic ankle bracelet which must not be taken off or turned off for any reason. If the device is switched off or you wander outside the designated area, the police is alerted and may arrest you. If this happens, a new hearing is scheduled before the judge who may decide to impose a more serious penalty.

How can I request House Arrest?
House arrest is only possible after a judge has decided a case against you and issued a sentence. The sentence of imprisonment must be less than two years. The nature of the offense must not include serious personal injury, terrorism, or organized crime related charge. You are more likely to get house arrest if you do not have a previous history of committing crimes. Juvenile offenders who have not committed a violent act are also considered for house arrest under the supervision of parents. Hiring a skilled and reputable Broward criminal lawyer can also help get your sentence reduced to house arrest.

What are the Restrictions During House Arrest?
The restrictions for house arrest vary from sentence to sentence. The nature of the restrictions also depends on the judge. You may be required to bear the cost of being confined by paying for the electronic ankle monitor and any additional surveillance devices installed in your home. Additionally, a house arrest sentence may be combined with probation or community service. The offender may also be required to appear before a probation officer or conditional sentence supervisor on a regular basis.

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