What is Jury Misconduct - Call a Broward Criminal LawyerWhat is jury misconduct? It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Or, maybe it sounds a little intriguing. Let’s explore it. It’s not as interesting as it sounds, though – especially if you’re the victim of it.

If you were convicted of a crime that you never committed, and if you think jury misconduct had something to do with the verdict, you can file an appeal based on “jury misconduct”. Jury misconduct doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen occasionally. A juror can lie, or disobey the judge’s rules, and it can lead to a guilty verdict even when the defendant was innocent. Jury misconduct can land a defendant in big legal trouble. It can mean prison time, a fine, and a ruined life for a defendant. If you think you were the victim of jury misconduct, don’t wait to call someone who can help you get your life back. Call a Broward criminal defense attorney that knows the subject matter, and who has dealt with it before. An experienced Broward criminal lawyer will help you fight the corrupt juror or jury that hurt you.

Not just any criminal defense attorney in Broward will do, though. You need a criminal defense lawyer in Broward that practices in defending against jury misconduct. Even if they don’t exactly specialize, choosing a Broward criminal lawyer who has had some serious experience in it is a good idea.

Jurors can lie

Juror misconduct can happen in several ways, and it can be committed by one person or more than one person. A juror can lie when the judge or counsel is initially questioning them. Jurors are chosen to ensure fairness. If a single juror lies, it can tip the balance and result in an unfair trail.

Jurors might also fail to follow jury instructions. Jurors are told to listen to only the evidence they hear in the courtroom when they’re making their choice. However, some jurors might watch the case on the news or talk about it at home. That can influence their impartiality. Juries that decide high-profile cases are often locked away so the media or public doesn’t influence their decision making.

How do you prove jury misconduct?

It’s hard to know whether juror misconduct occurred from the verdict alone. A wrongful conviction might escape anyone’s attention unless the defendant tries to draw notice to it. Because of this, it is important you hire a Florida appellate attorney to help you assess whether jury misconduct occurred or not.

If you think jury misconduct occurred, talented appellate lawyers will search for evidence to see whether your claim holds water. These lawyers will use whatever jury testimony is available to determine what really happened during deliberations. If your lawyers want to get a new trial based on jury misconduct, they have to prove it occurred. They also have to prove it was prejudicial to your case. That just means that an honest jury could never have come to the conclusion that your jury reached. In other words, you wouldn’t have been convicted.

Contact an appeals attorney in Florida today

Call a Broward Criminal Lawyer - What is Jury MisconductIf you think a jury has treated you unfairly, contact an appellate attorney today. You can overturn your conviction if your new lawyer can prove that jury misconduct occurred. It can be a tough bar to reach, but it is possible. It’s not impossible to overturn a conviction based on jury misconduct. It’s up to you to decide if you want to spend the money on a lawyer to help you overturn the conviction. But if you suspect a jury did you wrong, you should probably get it checked out. It’s worth your money if it gets you out of jail.

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