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Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer

The law is not just a tool for authorities to use against you. It is not there to control or suppress the population either. Rather, the law is a tool for everyone to use and should primarily exist in order to protect and defend any country’s citizens. Just as a police officer might quote the law in order to take you into jail, you can use your own understanding of the law in order to get yourself back out.

Unfortunately, most of the population is not sufficiently educated with regards to the law and their rights and this is where a Broward criminal defense lawyer comes in.

Understanding Bail

A DUI is short for ‘Driving Under the Influence’. If you are under DUI arrest in Broward then you will likely be taken to the police station for processing or ‘booking’. You will then be placed in the ‘drunk tank’ for a short while until you can get home.

In some cases, you will have no choice but to remain in the drunk tank for a certain period of time. You may even need to remain in custody until the preliminary hearing or even until the trial in some circumstances.

However, in most cases you will be able to speed up the process and get out of jail faster by posting bail. This means paying a small amount of money and promising to appear in court for any scheduled proceedings.

How much is bail in Broward? That actually depends on numerous factors, including the severity of the offense, your criminal record, any history of DUIs, your employment situation or the damage that any accidents may have caused.

In order to have a better understanding of this, it is worth talking to a Broward criminal defense lawyer.

Knowing Your Rights

Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer-Posting Bail After a Broward DUI Arrest

Using a Broward criminal defense lawyer, you can ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and when you can and can’t post bail, as well as how much that bail should cost. For instance, did you know that it should still be possible to get bail, even if you can’t afford to pay it? Not only do you have the right to ask a family member or friend to pay the bail on your behalf but you also have the option to purchase a ‘bond’ for roughly 10% of the bail amount.

Knowing your rights can make all the difference in these situations, which is why it is so important to find and use a lawyer!

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