Driving With a Suspended License

The crime in Broward of driving with a license suspended, also known as DWLS, is one that primarily targets the county’s less financially well-off citizens and immigrant population.  For someone to be arrested for driving on a suspended license they must be operating a motor vehicle on a public road while facing a license suspension.  These are commonly people that previously had a good license but for one reason or another, their license was suspended.  If they never had a good license to begin with, they typically would not be charged with driving with a suspended license, but instead would be charged with “No Valid Driver’s License,” a totally separate charge.

The Never Ending Cycle

Licenses are commonly suspended for financial reasons which only ensure the driver won’t be able to afford to get a good license in the future.  The common scenario is this: A driver receives a traffic citation and doesn’t get notice of the court hearing because of a bad address in the court system.  The driver never addresses the ticket and a default is issued again the driver.  A fine is imposed and when the fine is not payed the County sends notice to Tallahassee to suspend the license of the driver.  The driver is unaware their license is suspended and is then pulled over and arrested for driving with a suspended license.  The driver now has two tickets, one in collections and the other one pending.  The driver also isn’t allowed to drive so they are unable to go to work and lose their job.  Oftentimes the driver’s only option is to continue driving to work to earn money to pay for attorney’s fees and court costs.  It is a nasty cycle that entraps many Broward drivers.  If the driver is an immigrant without legal status, this further complicates the situation because even if the driver clears up the tickets they still don’t qualify for a good license because of their immigration status.

Dismiss for Compliance

Fort Lauderdale judges, unlike Miami judges, do not have a blanket policy of “dismissal for compliance” unfortunately.  Dismissal for compliance is where someone arrested for driving with a suspended license will have their charges dropped if they clear up the suspension and can come to court with a good license.  This policy encourages compliance as opposed to punishment, as the goal should be to encourage everyone to have a good driver’s license.  Punishing those without good licenses oftentimes hits those financially who can afford it the least and prevents them from being able to afford a good license in the future.

While dismissal for compliance is not an everyday policy in Broward County our criminal defense attorneys have successfully convinced Broward judges to dismiss traffic cases for compliance.  This is often the best result for our clients financially and prevents them from having problems in the future with their licenses.

Fort Lauderdale DWLS Attorney

Driving with a suspended license is a commonly charged crime in Fort Lauderdale but that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly.  If you have been charged with driving on a suspended license, call our office now for your free consultation, (954) 256-1464.  We will work with you not just to fight this DWLS case but also to help you get a good license and prevent future arrests.  The law office of Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. was opened by former state prosecutors to give the highest level of criminal defense representation.  Call now and see why hundreds of clients have chosen Pagan & Stroleny, P.L.