Tips for DUI Checkpoints from a Broward Criminal LawyerAs you’re driving down the road, headed home after a night out with friends, you reminisce about the amazing evening you’ve had. Your smile and good mood quickly vanishes when you see a roadblock created by police officers in the distance. It’s a DUI checkpoint and you can’t help but feel nervous, anxious and just plain scared. You’ve only had a beer or two, but you are still petrified that you are going to be stopped, questioned by the cops and given a sobriety test.

In Fort Lauderdale, these checkpoints are usually set up on holidays and on evenings when special events have occurred, and they are always placed at random locations on the main roads. The purpose of these checkpoints is to make sure that motorists aren’t driving drunk, ensuring the safety of all drivers. Through these checkpoints, several arrests are often made as a result of the findings of field sobriety tests.

DUI checkpoints are certainly sobering, and they can be an inconvenience; but, being prepared and knowing what to do in the event that you encounter one can be the difference between driving the rest of the way home and spending a night in jail. If you encounter a DUI checkpoint, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind from our Broward Criminal Lawyers:

  • Never Turn Around. If you are approaching a DUI checkpoint, never, ever turn around and look for an alternate route. Officers are keeping a watchful eye on all of the vehicles that are approaching the checkpoint. A vehicle that turns around to avoid the checkpoint is automatically considered suspicious. If you do turn around, officers will follow you, and you could end up facing even bigger problems than you would have if you had simply kept on going through the checkpoint.
  • Always Cooperate. If you are stopped at the checkpoint, it is in your best interest to comply with lawful requests. Doing so lets the officers know that you are willing to cooperate and that you are not afraid of the checkpoint; in other words, it shows them that you are willing to cooperate and willing to accommodate their requests, which helps to prevent creating hostility that could end up creating serous issues. Do remember, however, that the requests that the officers make at the DUI checkpoint must be within your constitutional rights. If you feel that you are being asked questions or to complete actions that are against your rights, you do not have to comply.
  • Plan ahead. The best offense is a good defense. If you know that you are going to be imbibing alcohol, plan ahead and arrange to have a designated driver to avoid issues at any DUI checkpoints you may encounter.

Broward Criminal Lawyer Tips for DUI CheckpointsIf you are arrested, remember that a conviction can be avoided. A Broward Criminal Lawyer can assess your case and provide you with the legal guidance that you need. A Broward DUI attorney works to creates a powerful DUI defense and will work toward having your charges dropped.

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